WIN™ Strategies = Gain Acceptances

Purpose is the element that causes people to take actions that impact both large and small communities. Admission readers, departments and committees know this and work to recruit students who show evidence that this particular student will take action both during college and after. We help students create a strategy that includes specific steps that reveal their personal passion in action and cause readers to click “ACCEPT”.

But how can students develop and reveal that unique purpose that will get them into their top schools? The answer lies in the process of developing and revealing each student’s passionate involvement. Therein lies our true expertise and it is working!

Twenty years ago, U.S. schools were not barraged with applicants from countries around the world. Now, people from every country on the planet seem willing to do almost anything to get their children admitted to top US schools. The rumors you hear are unfortunately true. Competition is severe.

The good news is that your child can take advantage of our system. This powerful system simply works. Every year, our students are surpassing the competition and gaining admission at nearly every top-tier school. Your child can be one of these students.


“They gave me excellent direction and I got into four of my eight schools. Go Stanford!”

– Blake D, Stanford

Get Started

Students don’t need perfect grades. Getting into the Ivy League and other choice schools is about essays, strategies and standing-out. Together, we’ll start early, stand out and get in.

Our WIN™ system guides students through a systematic step-by-step process that gets them accepted…



Initial Consultation

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“Before there was Rachel, there was stress. Once she and her team entered the picture, we were all able to finally relax. That alone was worth it for us 10 times over.”

Susan K, daughter attending Brown.

Our goal is to calm the frenzy.anxiety.stress.confusion.

With a positive focus, we draw out your child’s unique spark and intellectual voice. Students are able to write essays that reach across the admissions table to WOW each college. Our goal is to develop a variety of powerful writings that will turn passive admissions readers into passionate advocates.

Finally, in the spring, just before high school graduation, students watch in awe as one offer of acceptance after another arrives in the mail. And the Rite of Passage is a success.

How Strategy Snares Admission

We guide students to ask questions of themselves throughout the process. The decisions they make along the way often make the difference that leads to their admission at a favorite school.

WIN™ – NAIL THE ACCEPTANCE = Points of Excellence that Gain Acceptance

Rachel and her team take a positive approach as they support students through the WOW™ system. The point of excellence project is integral to the entire process. It is like the nail that fits exactly into a hole that colleges seek to fill. The essays and applications, completed through our patented system, inevitably cause readers to utter “Wow” and click “ACCEPT”.

Our program’s Point of Excellence is each student’s most powerful tool. This “POE” is the one element of every application that compels admissions teams to “admit.” Combined with the essays, the POE is other piece of the application that is within every student’s control. College Prep Consulting is the only firm in the country that helps students to create this key element.

How Admissions departments have changed

As we entered the 21st century, colleges began to gain fame for something other than winning sports teams. Schools gained move fame through the internet as their students made large-scale societal-impacts. Now, schools from Stanford to Harvard to Yale to Columbia want the recognition that comes through association with up-and-coming young impact-makers.

And it makes sense. Imagine that you are the Dean of Students at an Ivy League school. Do you want whiz-kid test-takers and top student-club-office-holders? Or do you want students who will think outside-the-box, impact your campus and then perhaps go on to impact the world?


“With Rachel’s guidance, our son started a non-profit in the course of two months. He was accepted to five of his eight schools and is now happy at Georgetown. We’re so thankful we found College Prep.”

– Sam. M, son attending Georgetown

Right School = Right Launch

According to the College Board, many students are switching schools multiple times before completing a traditional four-year degree. These disruptions damage a student’s confidence and trajectory.

Our Preferences and Priorities program guides students as they explore interests and reflect on their strengths. Together with the family, we find the perfect match, build the application and achieve admission to the right schools.

There are over 4,300 schools in the US for your family to choose from. Our proven technique of Key Match Elements allows your child to make informed decisions, reach high and get accepted.


“The College Prep Group guided our family through every turn. We relied on their expertise sometimes from one moment to the next and thereby avoided some of the mistakes we hear from families who tried to do it alone. Their work with our son helped change his whole trajectory. He’s now thriving at Stanford.”

– Shu F, son attending Stanford