We help your child land a spot at his or her


“I did a happy dance when I got into PENN!”



“We looked on as all the other kids put off starting the essays. Rachel saved us from the turmoil even as she guided our son to reach high. It paid off.”

Jon S, son attending UC Berkeley

Avoid the Million Dollar Mistake




Parents spend $150,000-$300,000 to send their children to college. But In 2014, the Board of Education measured income differences between state schools and top schools and found a difference of over $800,000 over the course of two decades…

Knowing that it’s no longer just grades and test scores, we help kids stand out in wildly competitive applicant pools. We start early and we are constantly amazed at the stunning results they achieve with our guidance.

We’re helping kids use our WIN™ system to realize their dreams.

Using proven secrets from within the Ivy League, our students are getting accepted to top schools in record numbers. Your child can get in, too!

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Some of the schools our students attending include:

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“The Dean at Yale wrote to tell me it was my main essay that got me in. College Prep led me to it.”

– Shay M, Yale

Rite of Passage

Gone are the days when communities supported each young person through a rite of passage.

Instead, our culture stands by as stressed-out high school students compete for AP classes, memorize test material and secretly hope to stumble upon a happy life filled with purpose. This transition is your child’s Rite of Passage and we treat it as such.


What is the
million-dollar mistake?

Studies show a difference in earning potential of nearly $1MM between students who receive a diploma from a state school versus a top-tier school.


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