I'm Rachel.

After making thousands of decisions as to who got into Stanford and who didn’t, I figured out the secrets. I then worked backwards and created a powerful and successful program. We’re now helping kids get into top schools in record numbers.

While working as an admissions reader at Stanford, Rachel figured out exactly what it takes for kids to get accepted to their dream schools.

After making thousands of decisions on who got in and who did not, she worked backward to figure out how to help them get admitted. Her systematic WIN™ program holds the key to getting accepted to top-shelf schools.

Using this powerful system, students are harnessing their strengths and landing remarkable acceptances into dream schools.

Using proven secrets from within the Ivy League, our students are getting accepted to top schools in record numbers. Your child can get in, too!

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“It was amazing to watch her guide our son through her system. He created a website and wrote about it with that intense intellectual drive that we’re sure got him in. We’re deeply thankful.”

Melanie N, son attending Drexel

Experience The Difference

You will not find another firm in the country with a similar ground-up, back-to-front, take-no-prisoners, dig-deep, think-sideways, access-your-humanity and leverage-your-strengths to get accepted program. Rachel guarantees that each student will gain acceptance to at least one of his or her top-choice schools.

The Million-Dollar Mistake

Parents spend $150,000-$300,000 to send their children to college. But the true return on investment occurs over the life of the child. Data repeatedly shows highly diverse salaries in the two decades following graduation. It’s no surprise that the networks and opportunities that seamlessly ferry students from a top college to the work world, lead to greater job satisfaction. But part of the satisfaction in life comes from the ability to create the lifestyle of choice and part of that includes financial success.

In 2014, the Board of Education measured income differences between state schools and top schools within the same demographic. Many people were surprised to see these two cohorts showing an average income difference of over $800,000 over the course of two decades.

We help families get their child into his or her dream university and avoid that million-dollar mistake. You’re already going to invest at least $150,000 in college expenses, call us today to turn that into a $1MM opportunity!

We are based in Northern California and are proud to assist our clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Secrets of Ivy League Admissions

Rachel: The start of our consulting company sprung from a series of meetings at Stanford. As I conversed with my fellow admissions department colleagues from Harvard, Columbia and Yale, we realized that a distinctive pattern was emerging.

While I had already spent many years as an Admissions Representative at Berkeley and Stanford, I was finally figuring out those exact elements that were getting students accepted at schools across the Ivy League.

Research-based admissions

At that point, I launched a large-scale independent research experiment and began to analyze a series of meta-studies that are available through both online and periodical resources. After much research (and experimentation with our students,) a pattern emerged as to which students were actually landing these coveted spots. In response to these remarkable findings, I formed College Prep Consulting, LLC.

We are a team of seasoned professionals that share our knowledge and experience. Together with each student, we craft a plan to stretch boundaries and get students accepted to top schools. The results have been stunning.

Initial Meeting

I offer a free consultation in person or via Skype. During this first meeting, my goal is to excite and inspire students to engage with the process that lies before them and to encourage them to start early!

If needed, I help the family to pinpoint a short list of schools to visit. If you choose to move forward at that time, I will create a timeline to chart progress leading up to and through application season. Students are quickly engaged as they visualize themselves at their top-choice schools.

The college transition is the perfect opportunity for students to learn to analyze themselves and investigate their many options as they prepare to make one of the most important decisions of young life.

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Package costs start at $1,900 for the sophomore or junior program. We have many options.

After our initial meeting, we’ll be able to determine which options will best fit your child’s needs. You’ll select the option that will best lead to your child’s success and we’ll take it from there. We’ll communicate with you through every step of the process, so that you can sit back, enjoy the journey and watch your child gain the acceptances he or she most desires. We’ve got you covered!

Successful SAT/ACT Prep

Together with us, students increase their scores by an average of 22% across all content areas. We customize lessons based on specific needs and goals. Students will hone critical thinking skills such as resisting confirmation-bias, inferencing, evaluating, synthesizing, and condensing to achieve the results toward which they aim.