"I was so stressed out about my GPA that I could barely talk about it. I thought I wouldn’t get in anywhere. These guys helped me calm down and get to work. I recommend College Prep and Rachel to all my younger friends."

– Chaun W, UC Davis

“Rachel helped me do everything from creating my own website to helping me write essays in a way that I had never written before. It worked and it has changed my life.”

– Carin M, Harvard

“You (College Prep Consulting) helped me strategize everything and I’m positive that’s what got me into my favorite schools.”

– Krish P, Georgetown

"I had no idea what I wanted to study or where I wanted to go. I just got acceptance packets from six of nine schools. I finally have a plan."

– Bo L, UCLA

“Rachel has been a Godsend.”

– Patty H, daughter attending Gonzaga

“We never had to worry. From the first moment, we knew we were in the best hands. Rachel’s team worked with our daughter in every phase, communicated progress weekly and did all this with supreme professionalism. College costs a fortune and we wanted to get it right.”

– Bev N, daughter attending Princeton

“Abbie received financial aid packages that honestly shocked us. We saved a tremendous amount on back-end college costs. College Prep Consulting was a wise investment for us!”

– Dan & Karrine L, daughter attending U. Chicago

“Rachel Collins is the only consultant in the US who works on admissions at both Stanford and Berkeley. Her team helped our son come up with an approach that somehow got him into his number one school.”

– Arjun. R, son attending Harvard

“With Rachel, I created my own little show about Marie Currie. She guided me to perform my skit for groups of kids to get interested in the sciences. This was my point of excellence that she talked about. I got the Robertson Fellowship at Duke. They only chose 15 kids out of 65,000 for a full-ride scholarship in their leadership program. Thank you so much!”

– Elie T, Duke

“Rachel helped me find the backdoor major that got me into Columbia.”

– Kyle J, Columbia