College Fit

Does your child want a liberal arts college and a broad education or a pre-professional school to get an upper hand on the job market early? How about a mixture of the two?

Does your child thrive in a discussion-based arena with project-based learning? Is he or she inspired by theoretical concepts and headed for a Ph.D? What size classes does he or she do best in? What kind of weather, student culture, college mission would help your child be most happy and successful?

These questions and others are answered as we work intimately with each student. Our assessments and tutorials guide the student as he or she develops higher-level thinking skills, articulates personal strengths and identifies best-fitting top-tier schools. The greater goal is a life driven by purpose; after all, that kind of life is the best gift of all.

Whether a student begins in the early or later years of high school, Rachel’s programs are specifically designed to reignite the natural optimism of adolescence, promote self-awareness and engage motivation. Through ongoing dialogue, career paths are revealed. Students think long and hard about their future and begin to see the link between their day-to-day academic lifestyle and their bright and exciting future. Habits cultivated now last for a lifetime.

Admission Guidance

Few high schools provide in-depth and individualized attention to preparing students for college. At exactly the point when students are most in need of a mentor, schools are understaffed and professional advice is scarce. An expert in the field of higher education can support the entire family through what could otherwise become an overwhelming transition.

This engagement develops naturally. On one level students are surprisingly mature – both intellectually and emotionally. On another level – many of them feel like frightened children.

Studies have been conducted lately showing that up to 40% of high school girls experience depression and up to 30% of high school boys experience high levels of anxiety. These feelings are below the surface and most teens don’t want to talk about it. Our mentoring relationship ensures a healthy and successful transition.

Unique is Powerful

When your child shows evidence of some sort of specialty, within any community, outside the grounds of her high school, she gains a powerful microphone. This type of platform makes all the difference.

Our Positioning process is a very systematic and deliberate plan for her to position herself as the expert. Readers and committees naturally want to bring in those students who exhibit a specialty of almost any kind. That specialty acts as a magnet. This again is in stark contrast to those candidates who must forcefully attempt to try to sell themselves to schools.

The more impact your child makes, the more likely her impact will reach even further in college and beyond. Once your child experiences the exhilarating feeling of producing her own interest, she will never go back to following the rules of the pack. Her unusual and passionate position will propel her into her dream school and beyond.

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