Advantage Positioning

Our program of Advantage Positioning through the WIN™ model can guide your child through the steps of an easy, yet powerful, process that will bump their candidacy up by roughly forty-to-eighty percent.

With only a slight degree of engagement, plus the deepened insight as shown in the essays, our students are gaining that advantage. “Over-achievers” are no longer the most sought-after candidates. Who among us wants to compete with 29,000 valedictorians, 29,000 salutatorians, 29,000 student body presidents and 29,000 editors in chief of school newspapers? No thanks!

In order to get accepted to one’s dream schools, it’s imperative for your child to stand out. His positioning and strategizing efforts combined with intelligent essays dramatically increase his odds at getting into his dream school. Almost every day, we hear stories of the way that our program is changing lives.

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