Should Your Child Apply Early Decision For College Admission: Answers From Prep School Pros

Early Decision should be reserved for students who are 100% certain they have discovered a school they want to attend. It is their first choice school and they will be thrilled, delighted and ecstatic if offered the opportunity to enroll. As well, statistics show that this commitment can be advantageous. Early Action is not offered at as many schools, but it can be a viable option for students who would like to receive an earlier decision. Note, at selective colleges and universities with Early Action programs admission at this point in time is typically only offered to those who stand-out in the applicant pool. As for traditional admission, it is for everyone and can work well for those who want to compare financial aid packages. Many schools, often large, public institutions, offer rolling admission. These schools review early decision applications as they are completed and, in this case, the earlier a student applies, the better. Students can submit these applications as early as the summer before their senior year. These schools review applications as they are completed and often send decisions to students early in the senior year.

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